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RGB Strip Light Extra Wire 4-Wires - 18/4 - 18 AWG


RGB Strip Light Extra Wire 18 AWG
- 18 gauge 4 strand -

Low voltage wire is used in many applications. We use it in LED setups to extend runs and avoid voltage drop when doing so. This wire is ideal for indoor projects with our ColorBright RGB 150 Color Changing Series and ColorBright RGB 300 Color Changing Series.


The wire gauge is important when factoring in voltage drop because when putting 12v or 24v of electricity through a wire, the current will get weaker as it travels through the line. If you have a long run, the voltage at the end of that run will be lower which can cause the LED strips to look brighter at the beginning of the circuit and dimmer towards the end.


You can avoid this inconsistency by complying with the suggested max run lengths for each strip light (between 16-32ft). If you have a run longer than the stated maximums opting for a 24V strip over a 12V strip will help reduce voltage drop, additionally, the bigger the wire, the less resistance there is, limiting voltage drop.


We only carry 16 AWG or 18 AWG RGB low voltage wire and our connectors or pre-soldered leads are 20 AWG. You can connect the wire directly to the remote control receiver, splice it to the RGB connectors or leads with terminal blocks, crimp connectors or electrical tape.


For more information on voltage drop and how to select the best wire gauge for your project, check out this article.


  • Color-coded wires to follow polarity throughout the setup easily
  • Ideal for jumps between RGB circuits over 6”
  • Each conductor is individually sheathed and can be separated
  • Easy to manipulate wires

RGB Strip Light Extra Wire Specifications

  • 4-wire 18 AWG stranded copper wire
  • Red, green, blue and white individually colored sheaths
  • Black sheath encasing for added protection
  • Sold by the foot

RGB Strip Light Extra Wire 18 AWG Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know which gauge wire I need?

Depending on the length of your run, the voltage and the amp pull from your LED strip, you can calculate the percentage of voltage drop at the end of your setup. We don’t recommend running our LED strip with more than 12% voltage drop.


Is there an easy way to calculate possible voltage drop?

There are some online tools that can help you calculate voltage drop. We use Voltage Drop Calculator. You simply input the data regarding your run (voltage, run length, amperage, preferred wire gauge etc.) and the calculator will let you know the voltage drop percentage. However, we recommend consulting a certified electrician in order to get an accurate recommendation.


Where can I find a gauge of wire you don’t carry?

Low voltage stranded wire can be found in a variety of gauges at local hardware stores and major home improvement stores.


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