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White CMP Extra Wire 2-Wires - 20/2 - 20 AWG ETL Listed


 20/2 White CMP Wire, UL Listed

Perfect for most Class 2 and Class 3 circuits, this 20/2 AWG CMP rated wire is sold by the foot to be used in plenum spaces, riser spaces and in-wall installations to help ensure that your project is up to code. 

Compatible with all of our static white and single color strip lights and Single Color Solderless Grip Connectors.


  • Wire Gauge: 20/2 AWG
  • Jacket Color: White
  • Certifications/Ratings: ETL/cETL Listed to UL Standards 444 and 1424, CMP, FPLP, RoHS
  • Voltage Maximum: 300V
  • Environment: Multipurpose Indoor Use in Plenum, Riser and Wall Spaces
  • Product Weight: 0.02 lbs/ft
  • Product Diameter: 0.14 inches
  • Operating Temperature: -20C to 75C 


What is a Class 2/Class 3 Circuit?

The National Electrical Code (NEC) defines a Class 2/Class 3 circuit as the portion of the wiring system between the load side of a Class 2/Class 3 power source and the connected equipment. This wire meets the requirements for being able to be used in a Class 2/Class 3 system.

Don’t Class 2 and Class 3 wires need to have the CL2 or CL3 rating to be used as part of a Class 2/Class 3 system?

You would be correct in thinking that!  However, Table 725.154(A) of the NEC says that you are allowed to substitute specific wires in for other wires that are designated CL2/CL3.  This same table describes how a wire with a plenum rating can be used in both riser and wall applications, which includes this CMP wire.

How do I know which gauge wire I need? 

Depending on the length of your run, the voltage and the amp pull from your LED strip, you can calculate the percentage of voltage drop at the end of your setup. We don’t recommend running our LED strip with more than 12% voltage drop. 

Is there an easy way to calculate possible voltage drop? 

There are some online tools that can help you calculate voltage drop. We use Voltage Drop Calculator. You simply input the data regarding your run (voltage, run length, amperage, preferred wire gauge etc.) and the calculator will let you know the voltage drop percentage. However, we recommend consulting a certified electrician in order to get an accurate recommendation.

Where can I find a gauge of wire you don’t carry?

Low voltage stranded wire can be found in a variety of gauges at local hardware stores and major home improvement stores.


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Plenum Wire Data Sheet



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