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Multi-Zone RGB / RGBW Control System

$75.00 - $170.00

Multi-Zone RGBW Color Changing LED Remote + Receiver Combo


The Multi Zone remote enables you to program up to 8 different zones on the same controller. Have two areas in your kitchen, building, restaurant you want to control separately or together? Our RGBW controller is exactly what you will need.

This is a perfect option for those who ask, "How can I install (2) sets of RGBW strips on each side of my large room without wires running across?" or "I want to control different zones on one remote without the use of amplifiers".

Simply sync the control and the receiver together and assign it to whichever zone number you wish.

Add an unlimited amount of receivers per remote!

Multi Zone RGB strip light remote

Multi-Zone Features

1. 2.4GHZ RF wireless transmission technology. No line of sight needed to operate the receivers
2. Built-in with dual core driver, ultra fast processing speed. 
3. Advanced RF and wireless sync/zone control technology, the receivers will not interfere with each other.
4. Remote controller adopts the capacitive touch control technology on the full color wheel, make the LED color selection more user-friendly.
5. Built-in sync state light, can display the LED color in static or changing state synchronously.
6. Any operation on the remote controller or any receiver can command all receivers to work wirelessly and synchronously.
7. Color changing scene mode and preset storage function.
8. USB charging port for the remote.
9. 1 button sync. 

PWM Frequency of 2000 Hz for flicker-free lighting.


1. Architectural: Shopping malls, commercial accent lighting, signage
2. Indoor decorations: Hotels, Large Plazas, Restaurants, Bars and interior home design.
3. Commercial signs and billboards.
4. Any other place that uses color changing RGB or RGB+W LED strip lighting.

Multi-Zone Remote Control Specifications

Input voltage - DC5V (Built-in Lithium battery)
Working current - ≤30mA
Working frequency - 2.4GHZ
Maximum distance of remote to receiver - 100ft
Change mode - Many color modes
Scale levels - 4096×4096×4096
Battery capacity - 1000mAh
Standby time - ≤6 months
Dimension - L145×W55×H22mm
Package Size - L168×W102×H28mm
Weight (G.W)-  200g

Multi-Zone Receiver Specifications

Input voltage - DC12V - DC24V
Max current load - 5A x 4CH Max 20A
Max output power - 240W / 480W (12V/24V)
Control button - 8 touch button
Working temperature - -30℃~55℃
Dimension - L175×W44×H30mm
Package size - 178×W48×H33mm
Weight (G.W.) - 150g
PWM Frequency - 2000 Hz.

Download the installation guide

RGBW multi-zone remote and receiver - User guide


Contact us at if you have any questions about this product.


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