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MiniXR Remote Control for RGB Strip Lights


Mini RGB LED Control and Remote: MiniXR RF Remote (Upgraded Version 3)

RGB strip light remote controls


The MiniXR strip light remote control has an ultra slim design and is very powerful. This unit can handle 9 amps (3A x 3CH) of 12v or 24v power. 

The MiniXR RGB LED strip light remote control is unlike any other remote out there. It has the capability of choosing among various preset programs or easily selecting 1 of 16 common static colors, and it is small enough to be stored without view. Your LED RGB strip lights can easily be connected to the MiniXR remote and add an accent or effect just about anywhere within 5 minutes.

The MiniXR RGB LED Remote Control:

RF= Radio Frequency (433.92 MHz). You do NOT need line of sight for the lights to change. Change your RGB LED strip lights through walls, windows, or even before you reach your front door when you are coming home.

  • Dimming - Our LEDs are bright, so you may need to dim them
  • Strobing - Use in bartops, signage, display cases, and more
  • Fading - Adds a great effect to signage
  • Static - Of course single color changing capabilities
  • Auto
  • Jump 3
  • Jump 7
  • Fade 3
  • Fade 7
  • Flash
  • Flash 7
  • Speed +
  • Speed -
  • Brightness +
  • Brightness -
  • Static color - 16 colors


Power input DC12V-DC24V
Max Current load Max 3A × 3CH
Max Output power 108W/216W (12V/24V)
Warranty 2 years
Gray scale level Max 4096×4096×4096
Working Temp. -30℃~55℃
Dimensions L135×W30×H20mm
Weight (N.W.) 47g

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