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How to install flexible LED strip lighting into a dimmer

How to connect flexible LED strip lighting into a dimmer

Skill Level: Beginner

Note: ALWAYS consult an electrician before doing any electrical installations. This is a guide, and is not to be used as a replacement for a licensed electrician’s services. 

Materials Needed

Below are the items you will need:

LED strip light at desired length
LED Power supply
Flexible LED strip light dimmer
LED solderless connector
LED DC Coaxial Female Connector (optional)

Choosing the correct LED power supply:

Our LED strip lights are powered by 12V and 24V DC. Our ColorBright flexible LED strip lights use less power than our UltraBright Series LED strip lights, and it is crucial that you calculate how much power your strips will be using. Once you know which strips you will be using and how many feet you want to install, you need to visit the section on Choosing your LED Power Supply

NOTE: All of our LED dimmers have different maximum load requirements. If you are using a short section, you may choose an LED dimmer that is different than if you were running a few reels. For example, the dimmer below has an 8 amp MAXIMUM, meaning no more than 96 watts Maximum can be run through the dimmer. If you are running a large strip of LED lights, you may need extra dimmers.

Connecting the LED power supply to the LED strip light dimmer

The end of the plastic housing power supplies have a male DC coaxial connector. You can purchase a female DC Coaxial connector to connect to the power supply, then into the positive and negative terminals of the LED strip light dimmer. Or, you can simply cut the male DC coaxial end of the power supply, strip it, and screw the wires into the remote.

For the aluminum housing power units, you need to connect the power cord to the positive and negative AC terminals (while unplugged, obviously).

Note: Be careful!!! Do not touch these terminals, as you will electrocute yourself. Attach a wire from the positive and negative DC terminals and screw them into the LED strip light dimmer.

View our section on How To Install Solderless Connectors for a more complete view of how to do this.

The input side of the dimmer is where you connect the power from the power supply. 

Connecting the LED power supply to the LED strip light dimmer

After you have soldered wires to the LED strip lights, or used our solderless connectors to make the connection, you are ready to attach the LED strip to the dimmer. Make sure you have enough wire exposed at the end of the connections to make a solid connection inside the dimmers output terminals. Attach the (+) and (-) wires to their marked terminals. Screw the wires down. Power on!

You are done! 

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