Install LED strip lights into an existing power outlet

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How to hardwire LED strip lights and power supplies to a power outlet

Customer Question:

How do you wire LED strip lights to a household electrical Switch? I do not want to use the box and remote switch. How do I connect the strip for under cabinet lighting to a normal household switch?

Our Response:

Thank you for your question.  We would love to answer it in depth but unfortunately due to the type of question you are asking I can only give general advice.  You should contact a local electrician before attempting any electrical work. 
There are wires that come from your breaker box into the switch. The power goes through the switch and out the other side (switch controlled wires). These wires go to your light or wall socket. You would then take the switch controlled wires and connect them to the power supply – you will need to cut the plug off and strip the wires of the power supply (transformer) to make the connection to the wires coming off the switch.

Next, take the wires that come out of the power supply (12v DC) and connect them to the solderless quick connect; this then connects to the LED strip lights. If you are using a metal box, the box will need to be grounded inside the wall. If it is plastic, you will not have to do this.

We’re sorry we cannot be more descriptive regarding wire colors – depending on how and when your house was wired things could be very different. Any misinterpretation in an email or phone conversation could potentially lead to serious injury or death.


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