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Dynamic Tunable LED Strip Light Amplifier


Dynamic Tunable LED Strip Light Amplifier - 16 Amp Max


The Dynamic Tunable LED Strip Light Amplifier is used to carry the dimming signal from one set of Dynamic Tunable White Strip Lights to the next run of strip lights. LED strip lights have a limit to the length they can be ran before Voltage Drop occurs. For this reason, a boost in power and signal is required to make sure the next run of LED strips are as bright as the previous one. An amplifier is only required when you want to carry the same signal on a single run of lights, so they can change color at the same time. 

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Package Includes: 

1 x LED RGBW Amplifier
1 x User manual


  • Dynamic Tunable Amplifier Supply Voltage: 5-24 VDC
  • Output channel: two output channels (2 x 8A) 16A Max,
  • Push-in connectors in input and output sides.
  • Working Temperature: -30 to 60 deg C
  • Size (L x W x H): 3 3/7 x 15/16 x 5/8 inch / 87 x 24 x 15 mm
  • Housing Material: PVC case
  • Color: White


When do I need a Dynamic Tunable amplifier? 

Only use with 3 channel Tunable White LED strip lights.

You will need an amplifier when you are making an installation that uses a single run of lights that is longer than the rated maximum run length of the LED strip light you're using. Each light strip has a maximum run length listed on it's specification page or product page. 

If your estimated power consumption for your installation is greater than the maximum power capacity of the dynamic controller, you can run the first set of lights from the controller, then add an amplifier in-line to boost the signal to a longer run.We're available to clarify 

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