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Weatherproof LED Strip Light End Caps - [PACK OF 5]

Pack of 5 End Caps

Outdoor IP65 LED Strip Light End Cap Covers - Pack of 5

These silicone end caps are used for re-sealing Outdoor IP65 LED strip lighting that has been cut to a custom length.  The translucent silicone design helps give it a hidden "invisible" look while not obstructing light from the strip.

The dimensions of the end cap are:

- Interior: 12mm wide; 4mm high
- Exterior: 14mm wide; 6mm high

It will fit weatherproof ColorBright, UltraBright, and RGB LED Strip lights. 

Use with waterproofing material such as silicone or liquid nails. To clarify, this is for Outdoor IP65 LED strip lighting.

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