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UltraBright™ Industrial Series LED Strip Light (Old Version - Discontinuing 2020)


Industrial UltraBright™ LED strip light - Brightest LED strip lights

This product has been updated with higher efficiency, near perfect color rendering (CRI 96+), longer run lengths, and a 4oz pure copper PCB. 

See the updated version here

Industrial Ultra Bright flexible LED strip light example hyperloop

We believe that the quality of your lights is just as important as the quality of their surrounding structures.


Among the brightest LED strip light on the planet: From the backroom drawing boards to NASA's state-of-the-art testing facilities, our Industrial Series strips redefine the limits of LED strip lighting. Our practice of staying ahead of the curve and on the bleeding-edge of innovation has fostered the creation of an LED strip light that can finally match the demanding needs of our industrial clients. The Industrial Series emits over 1,000 lumens per foot with a remarkable color rendering index of over 80. The strips slim 10mm profile ensures compatibility and functionality in both small AND large industrial products. You simply have to see it to believe it!

Product Feature Summary

  • 7-year Warranty
  • 50,000 Hour Lifespan (8 hours a day for 17 years)
  • cULus Listed
  • High CRI of 80+ (CRI 90+ special order available)
  • Fully Dimmable
  • 120° Beam Angle
  • Highest Brightness - Up to 1,009 Lumen/FT (3,228/Meter)
  • Efficiency up to 153 lm/W
  • Short LED pitch of 5/16" (8mm)
  • Thermally Resistant 3M VHB 4930 adhesive for long lasting bond
  • Single BIN LED selection to ensure color consistency
  • Maximum Length in Series 9' 10"  (3 Meters)
  • Highest quality components and premium packaged 2835 LEDs

Colors Available:

examples of different cct whites

Applications and Use:

Industrial UltraBright™ LED strip lights can be cut and installed to many applications including:

  • High brightness linear lighting
  • Indirect cove lighting
  • Backlighting
  • Edge lighting
  • Cabinet and shelf lighting
  • Manufacturing areas 
  • Signage and advertising
  • Exteriors (protected from elements)
  • Special projects
  • Horticulture and botany
  • Aerospace
  • In-Product Use

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Power Supplies

Non Dimmable Driver

12V 100W Mean Well (For up to 16 feet) | 24V 100W Mean Well (For up to 16 feet)

Electronic Dimmable Driver

12V 120W Zurik (For up to 16 feet)

24V 96W Zurik (For up to 16 feet)

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Product Specifications

  • 7-year Warranty
  • 50,000 Hour Lifespan (8 hours a day for 17 years)
  • Fully Dimmable
  • 120° Beam Angle
  • cULus Listed
  • Efficiency up to 153 lm/W
  • Highest Brightness - Up to 1,009 Lumen/FT (3,228/Meter)
  • High CRI of 80+ (CRI 90+ available through special order)
  • Highest quality components and premium packaged 2835 SMD LEDs
  • Single BIN LED selection to ensure color consistency (3-Step MacAdam)
  • Thermally Resistant 3M VHB 4930 adhesive for long lasting bond
  • Thick 3OZ copper thickness for excellent thermal management
  • Segment length of 1 5/16" (2 5/8" for 24V) - can be cut every 4 LEDs (8 LEDs for 24v)
  • Short LED pitch of 5/16" (8mm)
  • 24v or 12v DC Input Options
  • Only 3/8" (10mm) strip width
  • 36 LEDs / Foot (120 / Meter)
  • Environmental Temperature -4°F to +104°F (-20°C to 40°C)
  • Maximum Length in Series 9' 10" (3 Meter)
Product no. SKU Color - CCT Watts / Foot (Meter) Lumen / Foot (Meter) Luminous efficacy (Lumens / watt) Color Rendering (CRI) Gamut Score Rg (Color Sat.) Relative Fidelity score (Rf)
UB-IS-24K 2400K 7.7 W/ft /(25W/m) 866 lm/ft (2,841/m) 114 Ra82 92 82.4
UB-IS-27K 2700k 7.7 W/ft /(25W/m) 908 lm/ft (2,978/m) 119 Ra82 92.1 81.6
UB-IS-30K 3000k 7.7 W/ft /(25W/m) 1006 Lm/ft (3,301/m) 132 Ra85 95.7 82.7
UB-IS-42K 4200K 7.7 W/ft /(25W/m) 1063 Lm/ft (3,488/m) 139 Ra83 Coming Soon Coming Soon
UB-IS-62K 6200k 7.7 W/ft /(25W/m) 1087 Lm/ft (3,565/m) 142 Ra83 Coming Soon Coming Soon

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the top 4 comparing factors to look for before purchasing LED strip lights?

- Understand what your project needs, then compare lumen output, CCT, and CRI from strip to strip.
- Compare LED strip size and number of chips on the reel.
- Understand the wattage and voltage that the LED strip light uses.
- Make sure that the products have verifiable quality.

To read more details on these top considerations,click here.

Q: What is the product warranty?

We’re so happy with the quality of our product, we offer a 7 to 15-year warranty on all of our LED strips to all of our clients. The warranty on power supplies ranges from 2 to 7 years which is model dependent.

Q: What is the lifespan of your strip lights?

Our lights have been rigorously tested and have an expected lifespan of 50,000 hours before dropping to 70% luminosity. This means that if you were to use your lights 12 hours a day, every day, the lights would be expected to last longer than 10 years. Even after that time has elapsed, the lights will maintain a brightness of 70%. Higher-output strips require a heat sink to reach the expected lifespan and beyond.

Q: What is color temperature?

The color of light can be quantified by referring to its color temperature. White light is measured in Kelvins (K). Most white lights fall in a spectrum between 1800K and 6200K. When getting below 3000K, the light is noticeably warmer. On the other end of the spectrum, the lights have a blueish tint and cooler tone when passing 6500K.

Q: Which color temperature should I choose?

Choosing the correct color temperature lights for your project is very important, and as important as the brightness you choose. Consider the look and feel you want your project to have. What other color lights will be present? What material and color are the materials you wish to light? We can help you choose!

examples of different cct color whites

Q:What are lumens (lm)?

This is a quantifiable amount of light produced by an LED strip or other light-producing product. This is one way we can measure light output.

Q: Do the UltraBrightTM Industrial Series strips need a heat sink?

Yes. This requires a heat sink to create the perfect environment for this LED strip to thrive in. Due to a higher heat output, it’s imperative that a heat sink is used with this strip.

Q: How many feet of Industrial LED strips can I run?

We recommend to run no longer than 1 full reel (9’ 10”) in series. After this distance, you will start to see a dimming of the LEDs near the end. This is called Voltage Drop. If you need to make longer runs, run in parallel from the power unit or attach an additional power unit.

Q: Why doesn’t the Industrial Series come in IP65?

This product is not available in an outdoor version (IP65) due to its higher heat output. We feel that enclosing this strip does not allow for proper heat dissipation and can theoretically lower the lifespan of the lights.

Q: Which power source do you need for my project?

LED Strip Light Power Usage Calculator - Which power supply do I need?

Q: Wow these are bright! What do I do if I want to dim my LED strip lights?

All LED strip lights are dimmable. The LED strips can be dimmed either through our dimmers [PWM dimming], or by a Lutron wall dimmer

To dim the lights you have two options:

  1. If you plan to dim your LED strips using a hardwired Lutron wall dimmer, you need a Zurik dimmable driver. This driver itself will be dimmed from the Lutron switch.
  2. If you do not plan to dim the lights from a hardwired wall dimmer and want to dim them with one of our dimmers, you will need a non-dimmable LED driver [Mean Well or Flexfire LEDs Brand] 

More Information on LED Strip Lights:

Top 4 "need to know facts" about LED strip lights before purchasing - With a wide range of quality and price points in the market, it is important to educate yourself before buying. 90% of our customers found this page useful in selecting their LED strips

LED Strip Lighting Examples - The versatility of LED strips can be seen in the variety of projects our clients have completed. 

 Installation Guide 

General LED Strip Light Installation Guide

Data Sheets

UltraBright Industrial Series Data Sheet

IES / LDT Files

2400K IES / LDT | 2700K IES / LDT | 3000K IES/ LDT | 4200K IES / LDT | 6200K IES / LDT

Photometric reports

2400K I 2700K | 3000K  | 4200K | 6200K


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