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LED Strip Light examples: Ideas and example projects from customers

We sell the most advanced LED strip lights on the market, emitting the brightest and purest light while accompanied by a customer-friendly warranty. Here are a few more ideas of what you can do with our LED strip lights.

We would love to feature your project here! Send us a high quality photo of your LED strip light project, and we’ll offer you a website link as well as a special coupon code for future purchases.

LED Project Design Team

Although installing LED strip lighting is simple, sometimes it may be difficult to know exactly what is needed for your exact application. This is why we have a specialized design team here to assist you in choosing the correct products for your installation.

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LED example motorcycle strip lightOutdoor ColorBright™ IP65 LED strip light

led strip light backlight of stonesUltraBright™ LED strip light

How to use led strip lights to grow plants

UltraBright™ LED strip light

LED strip light display example
ColorBright™ LED strip lighting

RGB LED strip light table example

ColorBright™ RGB LED strip light

Outdoor IP65 LED strip lights

LED product lighting examplesFluorescent LED replacement how to page

LED product lighting examples

Fluorescent LED replacement how to page

 LED wingsuit for basejumping

 Basejump wingsuit with LEDs 



Flexfire LEDs designs and offers the brightest LED strip lighting in their class

If you have any questions, plese contact our design team at 1-844-FLEXFIRE (1-844-353-9347) or shoot us an email!

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