LED strip light retrofits for signs and signage

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LED Strip Light examples:

LED Signage and Backlighting: Signage Retrofits

Easily backlight commercial signs and channel letters with the world's brightest LED strip lights. Retrofit existing fluorescent tubing with flexible LED strip lighting. 

Feel confident knowing that your signage will be maintainence free for years to come at a fraction of the energy costs. Flexfire LEDs offers the brightest LED signage retrofits on the market from 8,500 lumen to over 11,000 lumen per reel.

LED strip lights are now increasingly becoming the most popular products in the markey for signage, product displays, channel letters, and accent lighting. Here are some examples of our super bright LED strip lights in use.

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 LED strip light example accent lighting
12v ColorBright™ LED strip Light - Blue

LED strip light example display case trade shows
24V UltraBright™ LED strip Light - Bright white

led strip light example display case24V UltraBright™ LED strip Light - Bright white

LED strip light example signage 2
12V UltraBright™ LED strip Light - Bright White

 led strip light example signage commercial building

12V ColorBright™ LED strip light - Vivid Green

 LED strip light example signage letters

24v UltraBright™ LED strip Light - Bright white

LED strip light example signage logo12V ColorBright™ LED strip Light - Vivid Green

LED strip light example for signs and signage  12V UltraBright™ LED strip Light - Bright White

 LED strip light example signage restaurant

24V UltraBright™ LED strip Light - Bright white


Choosing the correct LED strip light for your signage retrofit project:

1. First, determine if your LED strip lights will be exposed to elements like water or sand. If so, you will need our IP65 Water resistant LED strips.

2. Next, determine the level of brightness and color needed.

a) For panel backlighting, in-store displays, and less intense backlighting, the 12v UltraBright™ LED strip light series works great.

b) For light accent lighting, ColorBright™ LED strips will do the job. These come in multiple colors as well as color changing RGB.

c) For high intensity displays that require a lot of light, the 24V UltraBright™ series provides over 8,500 lumen per reel. This is MUCH brighter than most signage soltions on the market and only a fraction of the price.

d) The 12V Industrial UltraBright™ is the brightest LED strip light in its class. This can be seen from thousands of feet away.

3, Figure out how many reels of strip lights you will need. Each reel contains 16.4 feet (5 meters) of LED strip lights.

4 Using our solderless connectors, you can cut and connect the LED strips wherever you’d like.

If you need assistance, we can help you design an LED signage retrofit kit.

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