LED Boat and Marine lighting examples

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LED Strip Light examples: LED Boat and Marine lighting examples

LED strip lighting for boats or other marine uses are one of the most requested applications for hobbyists. The waterproof IP68 LED strip lights can be used to go around the trim of a boat or jetski to provide underwater lighting, or onboard for LED Yacht deck lighting. The non-waterproof LED strip lights are often used in the wheelhouse, galley, or staterooms for accent lighting, task lighting, or display lighting.

LED strip lighting example for boat and marine use

12V ColorBright™ LED strip light - blue 

LED strip lighting example for boats

12V ColorBright™ LED strip light - blue

 Choosing the correct LED strip light for your boat, yacht, dingy, jetski, or other water project:

  1. First determine if the LED strip lights will be exposed to the elements like water or sand. If you are installing these in high splash areas or underwater areas you will need to get our IP68 Waterproof LED strips. (Not currently available) If you are installing these LED strips inside the boat, away from water, then the waterproofing is not needed.
  2. Next step is to determine the brightness needed.
    1. For accent lighting with color, ColorBright™ LED strips will do the job, and come in multiple colors as well as color changing RGB.
    2. 12V UltraBright™ is recommended for areas that need a great deal of light. Get a dimmer for these because they are very bright!
  3. Next step is choosing how many reels you will need. Each reel comes in 16ft 5in (5m) rolls.
  4. Installation is simple and with solderless connectors, you can cut and connect the LED strip to just about anywhere.

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