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  • Flexfire LEDs UltraBright LED Strip Light Solderless Connector - 10mm strips
  • 10mm Strip to Power Solderless Connector

UltraBright™ LED Solderless Connector - (10mm) Strip to Bare Wire Connector

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Product Description

UltraBright™ Series LED solderless connector - Strip to bare wire Connector - 10mm

These solderless connectors were created to allow you to easily connect your LED strips together in seconds without soldering. Our Flexfire LEDs Solderless Connectors have been designed to fit securely to the strip and can be used on strips with a high LED count. Though soldering is always the best option for a long lasting connection, our connectors will create a secure connection in a few simple steps. 

These connectors are compatible with the following UltraBright Series: Design, Architectural, and High CRI Series.


We recommend to solder your LED strip lights for a stronger connection.
Please follow the instructions while installing. 


  • The wire length is 6''
  • Amperage maximum: 5 amps
  • Wire Gauge: 22 AWG
  • Connector is 5/8'' (16mm) wide in total


What are the advantages of solderless connectors?

  • No soldering required 
  • Install LED strip lights in seconds
  • Easily attach an additional strip to the run of lights
  • Easy to connect and disconnect

What do I do If my lights aren't lighting up?

  1. Re-open the connector and gently push the LED strip in all the way.
  2. The red wire is not always positive! Depending on the side of the LED strip you hook the connector up to, red and black can be - or + because the wire is red. Make sure you follow the positive (+) and negative (-) markings on the strip to indicate which colored wire will be positive and which will be assigned negative. 
  3. Also, make sure the tray is closed all the way. If the lights slip out of the connector it is not closed all the way. Be gentle!
  4. Check your power supply and make sure it is hooked up correctly and correct + and - also.

If you need any assistance in designing your project, selecting the right components, or just want peace of mind, contact us!

Are these connectors a better option than soldering directly to the LED strip?

We always suggest soldering as the best option for a long term solution. Sometimes the connectors can be bumped or knocked off. In high vibration areas, it may cause the strip to come loose from the connector. Soldering is better. 


Quick Installation Guide (please read) 

Although soldering is the best way to maintain a long lasting connection, the solderless connectors are a great way to get your project going quickly. When installed correctly, the connectors should not be loose and should provide a secure connection.

Solderless Connector Connection Guide

Product Reviews

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  1. Permanent connection does not last

    Posted by Unknown on 29th Feb 2016

    I'm an Interior Designer, in a recent commercial project I installed Flex Fire LED's to illuminate 3 huge images. The LEDs were hidden behind a nice natural alder wood frame, I had 2 separate connection problems with the solderless connector to bare strip. Basically, they pulled out far too easily. I had to disassemble my wood frame from the wall, reconnect the a new solderless connector. and reassemble. It was frankly a pain in the neck and I'm suspicious it wont last, its very touchy. I'd recommend engineering a more permanent solution that stays in place, the slightest tug can cause it to disconnect.

  2. Wires are too thin for 16 ft reel

    Posted by Unknown on 30th Jan 2016

    Connecting power to 16ft reel through these connectors makes wires very hot... Can not be used in any application

  3. Wire coupling to LED tape

    Posted by Ralph Mancine on 22nd Dec 2015

    This unit is a good tight fit after the LED tape is stripped on the glue side. However, I used the wires to solder the tapes because I didn't have room in the aluminum extrusions for the connector.

  4. nice product

    Posted by Tim on 12th Sep 2015

    makes connecting your lights to your power source a breeze! Makes a solid connection, works just like it should

  5. Worked Perfectly

    Posted by Unknown on 17th May 2015

    Worked perfectly as expected. The directions from FlexFire are very good.

  6. Great product

    Posted by Joyce on 4th Apr 2015

    These worked great for me. I had purchased others to be used in a display case for miniatures and broke all of them. I needed 4 and bought 12 they were much better, stronger them the others and I only used four. I think they are fantastic.

  7. easy to install

    Posted by Rockville remodeling on 9th Jan 2015

    easy to install

  8. Very convenient

    Posted by Unknown on 20th Sep 2014

    And beats the ordeal to solder the connection to the LED strips.

  9. good idea

    Posted by jhs on 19th Jul 2014

    work well but should come in different lengths also.

  10. solderless connector

    Posted by Kenneth on 18th Jul 2014

    very easy to use

  11. Small and discrete

    Posted by DS Improvements on 17th Jul 2014

    I really like how small these are. Makes it very easy to hide or tuck into a corner. High quality item too. I haven't seen a bad one yet.

  12. LED Review

    Posted by Unknown on 11th Jun 2014

    The Ultrabright LED strip works extremely well and is very easy to install. As indicated by their name, the LED's are very bright.

  13. Ultrabright connector

    Posted by Unknown on 11th May 2014

    Easy to use, still in the trail stage

  14. Worked Great...easy. reliable

    Posted by Unknown on 13th Apr 2014

    needed this product because of poor planning...couldn't solder as I had hoped. this connector made the solution easy.

  15. 24v WW LED Light set for under cabinets

    Posted by Unknown on 3rd Mar 2014

    Just finished installing my LED lights from flexfire. The install was very simple but the end connectors take a little getting used to. I had a couple that broke during installation. One was broken when the kit arrived. Customer service sent a replacement to me free of charge. All question that I had were answered quickly. The light from these LED's are very bright so you might want to get a dim able transformer. With so many LED's there are no shadows or dim areas. I am very happy with the purchase. They may have to rethink the line connectors or. Add more to the kit. I looked around at a lot of light set and found just what I wanted.

Specifications for this Hybrid LED light kit

Product Hybrid Bright White/Warm White LED Strip Light
Color Temperature 2900K for Warm White and 6500K for Bright White
Lumen (Brightness) 3450 Lumens per reel
Quantity per unit You will receive a continuous 16ft section of lights
UL Listed? Yes UL Listed, Must be used with class 2 power transformer
Working Voltage 12v DC
Dimmability Fully Dimmable
Beam Angle 120 Degrees
Rigid or Flexible?

-Flexible installation up to 90 degrees. Used on curved surfaces

Power consumption 2.92 watts per foot
UV emission No
LED Count per reel 600 LEDs

2 years

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