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Gemini™ Mounting Channel Kit - Surface Installation

$8.00 - $55.00

Gemini Mounting Channel Kit for Surface Installation



Flexfire Channel Kits are designed with you in mind to ensure that your strip light lives a long, healthy life. By acting as a heat sink and providing a barrier from dust and debris, aluminum channels can extend the life of your strip light while also making maintenance simple. The channels can be mounted on practically any flat surface to give your project the finished look it deserves.

The Gemini™ is a surface-mounted channel that fits most of our LED strip lights and is wide enough to fit our Single Color, Dynamic Tunable, and RGB connectors. This channel is made from aluminum and creates a beam angle of 80 degrees, and it is also great for heat dissipation and lengthening the life of the LED strip light.

Covers are available in three different diffusion levels Clear, Frosted, and Matte. They are made of polycarbonate and are UV resistant. The matte cover offers full diffusion for most of the Single Color LED strip lights under our UltraBright brand (please see compatibility charts for more information).

End caps and mounting clips are included with this product for ease of installation and additional ones can also be purchased separately.

What comes with the Kit?

This Channel Kit Includes:

1 Meter Channel Kit

  • (1) Aluminum Channel - 1 meter long (3' 3/8")
  • (1) Clear Cover, (1) Frosted Cover, or (1) Matte Cover - 1 meter long (3' 3/8")
  • (1) Accessory Pack

2 Meter Channel Kit

  • (1) Aluminum Channel - 2 meter long (6' 3/4")
  • (1) Clear Cover, (1) Frosted Cover, or (1) Matte Cover - 2 meter long (6' 3/4") 
  • (1) Accessory Pack

Accessory Pack

  • (2) Open End Caps
  • (2) Close End Caps
  • (4) Mounting Clips


Gemini™ Mounting Channel Kit Specifications

Channel Material Aluminum
Color Anodized Aluminum Finish
Channel Style Surface Mounted
Beam Angle  80 Degrees
Mounting Clip Material Stainless Steel
End Cap Material PVC
Lens Material Polycarbonate
Field Cuttable Yes
See Diagrams
L: 3' 3/8" (1 m) or 6’ 6 ¾” (2 m), W: 3/4" (18.6 mm), H: 1/2" (12.5 mm)
6 Years
Suitable for dry/damp location use
Clear: 92% - Frosted: 56% - Matte: 28%


Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the warranty on this channel?

We offer a six-year warranty on all our channels (this does not apply to KLUS channels).

Will I see spots if I use a cover with this channel?

It depends on what LED strip light you're using. Brightness and a large amount of chips per foot are the two main factors that contribute to a seamless line of light. You can get more information by taking a look at our Diffusion Chart, but in most cases, the Matte Cover eliminates dark spots and creates a continuous line of light.

What if I only need to purchase extra accessories for my channel?

Accessories are available for each channel as standalone items for purchase under the dropdown of each channel's product page.

If the LED strip light solderless connectors fo not fit inside the channel, what options do I have?

You can solder the leads on the LED strip light.

Can I put your high output strips, like the UltraBright™ Industrial Series, and the UltraBright™ Render Series, inside this channel?

You can use the Render and the Industrial Series with this channel, but not all channels are the same. Please check the Compatibility chart for LED strips for more information.

How can I put the channel on a surface?

There are different options. Most of our channels come with mounting clips and screws, which is the easiest way of installing the channel on a surface. Depending on the type of channel, you can also use 3M tape, or screw the channel directly onto the surface.

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