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  • ColorBright Whites LED strip light series
  • ColorBright Whites LED strip light series
  • ColorBright Whites LED strip light series - 3000k Warm white example
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  • ColorBright Whites LED strip light series - 3000k Warm white example
  • ColorBright Whites LED strip light series - natural white example
  • Modern bedroom lighting with LED strip lights
  • Hotel warm white LED strip cove light
  • ColorBright Whites LED strip light series office example
  • Warm white LED strip lighting
  • LED strip shelving light
  • Colorbright flexible LED strip light - warm white
  • ColorBright Whites LED strip light series bathroom example
  • ColorBright Whites LED strip light series - 3000k Warm white example
  • ColorBright Whites LED strip light series lobby example
  • ColorBright Whites LED strip light series kitchen example
  • ColorBright Whites LED strip light series kitchen under cabinet example

ColorBright™ White Series LED Strip Light

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Product Description

ColorBright™ White Series LED Strip Lights

under counter warm white led strip light


The ColorBright™ White Series LED light strips are created with high intensity LED chips mounted on a flexible printed circuit board (FPCB) with a strong 3M adhesive backing. Sometimes referred to as "LED tape lights," the flexible design of LED strips allows for the addition of beautiful and pure white light in almost any space you can imagine. The ColorBright Whites LED strips are a great way to provide professional grade, bright and comfortable accent lighting that will last for many years.

There are 5 shades of white to choose from including traditional warmer tones to more contemporary color temperatures. This range of products will allow for your visions to become a reality. Although these are our lowest output LED strips, they are far brighter than most and are perfect for most residential accent lighting applications.  

Product Features

Here are top attributes of ColorBright™ White LED strips:

  • 5-year Warranty
  • UL Listed (cULus)
  • High CRI of 80+ 
  • Fully Dimmable
  • 120° Beam Angle
  • Efficiency up to 92 lm/W
  • Short LED pitch of 5/16" (8mm)
  • Highest Brightness - Up to 266 Lumen/ft (871/Meter)
  • Thermal conductive adhesive
  • Single BIN LED selection to ensure color consistency
  • Maximum Length in Series 32ft 10in (10 Meters)
  • Highest quality components premium packaged 3528 SMD LEDs

Available Colors CCTs 

examples of different cct color whites

Application & Use

ColorBright™ White Series LED strip lights are installed in a wide variety of applications including:

  • TV backlighting
  • Linear lighing
  • Cove lighting
  • Display / jewelry case lighting
  • Bar and restaurant accent lighting
  • Above cabinet lighting
  • Under counter lighting
  • Hotel lobbies
  • Cove lighting 

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Need assistance with your project or purchase?

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  • 5-year Warranty
  • UL Listed (cULus)
  • High CRI of 80+
  • Fully Dimmable
  • 120° Beam Angle
  • 12V DC Input (24V special order)
  • Highest Brightness - Up to 266 Lumen/ft (871/Meter)
  • Efficiency up to 92 lm/W
  • 36 LEDs / Foot (120 / Meter)
  • Thermal conductive adhesive
  • Short LED pitch of 5/16" (8mm)
  • Only 5/16" (8mm) strip width
  • Thick double layer 2oz copper PCB for excellent thermal management
  • Can be cut every 1" (25.4mm)
  • Single BIN LED selection to ensure color consistency (3-Step MacAdam)
  • Operating Temperature -30°C to 60°C
  • Maximum Length in Series 32ft 10in (10 Meters)
  • Highest quality premium packaged 3528 SMD LEDs 
Product no. SKU Color - CCT Watts / Foot (Meter) Lumin. flux (Meter) Luminous efficacy (Lumens / watt) CRI Gamut Score Rg (Color Sat.) Relative Fidelity score (Rf)
CB-24K 2400K 2.9 W/ft /(9.6 W/m) 234 lm/ft (769 lm/m) 81 83 92 82.4
CB-27K 2700K 2.9 W/ft /(9.6 W/m) 264 lm/ft (864 lm/m) 91 83 92.1 87.4
CB-30K 3000K 2.9 W/ft /(9.6 W/m) 263 lm/ft (870 lm/m) 91 85 96.4 82.8
CB-42K 4200K 2.9 W/ft /(9.6 W/m) 266 lm/ft (871 lm/m) 92 83 92.1 80.6
CB-62K 6200K 2.9 W/ft /(9.6 W/m) 263 lm/ft (862 lm/m) 91 83 97.4 80.3


ColorBright™ LED strip light FAQ

Q: What are the top 4 comparing factors to look for before purchasing LED strip lights?

1. Make sure you know the requirements for your project, then when looking at options, compare lumen output, CCT, and CRI.
2. Compare LED strip size and number of chips on the reel.
3. Understand the wattage and voltage that the LED strip light uses.
4. Make sure that the products have verifiable quality.

To read more details on these top considerations, click here.

Q: What is a 3528 SMD LED chip?

3528 SMD (Surface Mounted Diode) represents the size of the LED chips on the strip. A 3528 SMD chip measures at 3.5mm x 2.8mm. Click here for more information on LED chip sizes.

Q: What’s the difference between the ColorBright™ and the UltraBright™ Series?

While all of our lights are fully dimmable, the ColorBright™ Whites Series is great for accent lighting, cove lighting, and under cabinet lighting, come in a variety of different colors with the addition to the same whites as the UltraBright Series. The ColorBright series also has a color changing series where you can control a single strip to create any color you wish. Our UltraBright™ Series offers a lot higher brightness strips and have more commercial and industrial uses.

Q: Is there an outdoor option?

Yes, we do carry a water resistant Outdoor ColorBright™ IP65 LED strip lights with a silicone sleeve. 

Q: What is the product warranty? 

We offer a 5-year warranty on all of our LED strips to all of our clients. The warranty on power supplies ranges from 2 to 7 years which is model dependent.

Q: What is the lifespan of your strip lights?

Our lights have been rigorously tested and have an expected lifespan of 50,000 hours before dropping to 70% luminosity. This means that if you were to use your lights 12 hours a day, every day, the lights would be expected to last longer than 10 years. Even after that time has elapsed, the lights will maintain a brightness of 70%. Higher-output strips require a heat sink to reach the expected lifespan and beyond.

Q: What is color temperature?

The color of light can be quantified by referring to its color temperature. White light is measured in Kelvins (K). Most white lights fall in a spectrum between 1800K and 6200K. When passing below 3000K, the light will appear noticeably "warmer" or "softer". On the other end of the spectrum, the lights have a blue-ish tint and cooler tone when nearing 6500K.

Q: Which color temperature should I choose?

Choosing the correct color temperature lights for your project is very important, and as important as the brightness you choose. Consider the look and feel you want your project to have. What other color lights will be present? What material and color are the materials you wish to light? We can help you choose!

examples of different cct color whites

Q: What are lumens (lm)?

This is a quantifiable amount of light produced by an LED strip or other light-producing product. This is one way we can measure light output.

Q: How do I mount the lights?

The 3M double sided adhesive that is found on the back of the LED strip allows you to install them in most locations. Be sure to thoroughly clean the surface to remove all dust and particulate matter before mounting the strip. Certain surfaces may require you to take additional measures to secure the strips lights into place. Feel free to call us with any questions.

Q: Can I cut the strips myself?

Yes, LED strips are made to be cut to your desired length. Using sharp scissors, you can cut the strip every few inches (on a line that's marked after every third LED).

Q: What do I need to turn on my lights?

To turn on LED strips, you will need to connect to a LED power supply. For connecting strips to the power supply we recommend soldering to make the strongest connections. Another option is to use our solderless connectors, which is a faster and easier way to install LED strips 

Q: Which Power Supply do I need for my (x) feet of LEDs? 

The length of LED strip lights of your project will determine the size of the power supply you need. View our Power Supply chart to find the exact LED power supply you need.

Q: Which wire gauge do I need? 

Different setups require different wire gauges (wire thickness) for safety and performance. The current and run length will determine the exact gauge of wire needed for your project. Read here for more information on how to select the correct wire gauge for your LED strip light installation as well as managing voltage drop.

Q: Wow these are bright! What do I do if I want to dim my LED strip lights?

All LED strip lights are dimmable. The LED strips can be dimmed either through our dimmers [PWM dimming], or by a Lutron wall dimmer

To dim the lights you have two options 

1. If you plan to dim your LED strips using a hardwired Lutron wall dimmer, you need a Zurik dimmable driver. This driver itself will be dimmed from the Lutron switch.
2. If you do not plan to dim the lights from a hardwired wall dimmer and want to dim them with one of our dimmers, you will need a non-dimmable LED driver [Mean Well or Flexfire LEDs Brand]

More Information on LED Strip Lights:

Top 4 "need to know facts" about LED strip lights before purchasing With a wide range of quality and price points in the market, it is important to educate yourself before buying. 90% of our customers found this page useful in selecting their LED strips

LED Strip Lighting Examples The versatility of LED strips can be seen in the variety of projects our clients have completed. Looking for ideas? LED lighting example projects 


Data Sheets

ColorBright White Series LED Strip Data Sheet 

IES / LDT Files

2400K IES/LDT | 2700K IES/LDT | 3000K IES/ LDT | 4200K IES / LDT | 6200K IES / LDT

Photometric reports

2400K I 2700K | 3000K  | 4200K | 6200K

Product Reviews

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  1. Awesome

    Posted by Anonymous on 26th Mar 2017

    Always a great experience with Flexfire.

  2. led strips

    Posted by Anonymous on 26th Mar 2017

    Quick online help and order came within the time specified

  3. Satisfied Customer

    Posted by Anonymous on 17th Mar 2017

    We have placed multiple orders for differenct residential projects we have, and have been very satisfied with the customer service, quick order delivery and top notch product. You have become our go-to retailer for LED Strip Lighting.

  4. 99% Happy despite dimming issues!

    Posted by John H. on 11th Mar 2017

    Great website, tons of info and excellent how-to videos! The website specifically stated which Lutron dimmer is compatible with the Zurik Power Supply. However, the approved dimmer is a “Decora” style and I do not use Decora style switches in my house. I assumed the toggle type Lutron dimmer I used would be the same internally since it was by Lutron. Unfortunately for some reason that’s not the case.

  5. Always use ColorBright

    Posted by James B. on 4th Mar 2017

    We have very high in customers that expect the best. Since we started buying from FlexFire we have had nothing but compliments on how the under counter lighting in the kitchens and kick plate lighting in the bathrooms look. Seamless lights that bring out the best in any project!!!!

  6. Great service

    Posted by Jennifer M. on 28th Feb 2017

    I called to discuss my project and got the advice I needed to place my order. I am happy with the product and the customer service.

  7. Simple under cabinet solution!

    Posted by Jonathan E. on 21st Feb 2017

    My first time working with flexible LED strips and it was as easy as I had hoped. The color temp (natural white in my case) and light output of these is excellent. I installed a 12v dimmer switch after the transformer/driver for further control. They dim great, although they do flicker a bit at the very low end of the dimmer setting, but I suspect this is due to how the dimmer is accomplishing things. I used the solderless connector strips and everything worked excellent. Wouldn't hesitate to purchase again.

  8. Flexfire and service

    Posted by Kenneth T. on 7th Feb 2017

    Flexfire had exactly what I needed to show off my radio tube collection in a glass case. Easy to use, and very effective. I also needed a little help from tech support with great results. Thanks.

  9. More Information Needed

    Posted by Stan H. on 28th Jan 2017

    The package I received contained a dimmer different from the one I was expecting due to a diagram I was furnished prior to ordering. The dimmer had NO instructions as to the direction my dimmer needed to be installed, so with a 50% chance of getting it right, I was wrong. With the help of Daniel, the Tech I contacted, everything should be rectified shortly. The LED tape strip looks GREAT, but DIRECTIONS would have made this less of a hassle!

  10. Finally 2400K strips!!!

    Posted by Anonymous on 28th Jan 2017

    I bought a 2700K strip from Flexfire about a year ago. The color temperature was not all that warm. Periodically, I would check their website to see if they had 2400K strips yet. They got this in stock and I ordered it. The color temperature is great if you like a warmer tone. The final piece that still needs to be figured out by the industry is dim-to-warm. Once they get that sorted incandescents will be obsolete.

  11. ColorBright LEDs

    Posted by Anonymous on 17th Jan 2017

    The LEDs are great. Very bright and you can tell they scream of durability. My only issue was that the quick connectors are difficult to work with and touchy at times. I wish there was a better solution. Also, splicing the small 22AWG wiring was challenging at times. But again, LEDs, best on the market. Would definitely buy again!

  12. Ultra high quality LED ribbon

    Posted by Anonymous on 27th Dec 2016

    Cutting and soldering to the ribbon is very easy and with the use of fine filament 20 ga hookup wire the joints are very dependable. I have tried several other brands and find the installation process that involves soldering connections is next to impossible with most other brands. No one else I have tried provides a product that is as consistently kelvin correct.

  13. Service and support

    Posted by Jim L. on 27th Dec 2016

    I sent a drawing of our kitchen cabinets with the length of runs and which runs were together on a circuit. Within a few hours I got back a recommendation for everything I needed. A couple of questions were answered almost immediately, so I sent credit card info and got the materials in a few days. Installation was easy with the solder-on connections, and we love the results. No more shadows on the counter.

  14. Beautiful Lights

    Posted by David M. on 26th Dec 2016

    I love the look of the lighting. The warm light is perfect for a living room. Also, they are super easy to install.

  15. Fantastic

    Posted by Ryan F. on 23rd Dec 2016

    Super bright, and modular! I am using them for a scanning rig and they fit the bill perfectly. Even a small 3 led strip puts out a lot of light which is perfect for my needs. Also costomer service is fantastic. All of my questions answered clearly and quickly.

  16. Excellent product

    Posted by Eric C. on 14th Dec 2016

    The LED strip lights I purchase are awesome! They put out great light. I adjusted the power supply from 10V to 12V. While the 12V was brighter, the 10V was plenty bright enough to illuminate our project. The lower voltage will help with the overall life of the strips. Quality product.

  17. Great so far.

    Posted by Richard T. on 10th Dec 2016

    I got helpful advice so I knew I was ordering correctly. The lights are not fully installed yet, but looked great when I tested them.

  18. Best I've found

    Posted by Debi R. on 3rd Dec 2016

    There's no comparison between FlexFire and the junk I have been ordering for the past 5 years. Yes they are much more expensive but get these and you're done or keep ordering China junk over and over again.

  19. DIY no problem with guidance and products

    Posted by Anonymous on 26th Nov 2016

    The custom quote and easy-to-use products made it simple to get the right items and get them installed. Great customer service... patient an responsive.

  20. Great under cabinet lights

    Posted by Todd on 22nd Nov 2016

    These lights worked out great for under cabinet lights. Easy to install (I soldered all my connections), dims good, and provides excellent light.

  21. Best LEDs

    Posted by Matthew Berkal on 16th Nov 2016

    These are the only LEDs I will install. Always top notch.

  22. Great Customer Service

    Posted by Katie Sanderson on 8th Nov 2016

    We were so pleased with the help that Dan gave us throughout our entire project. He quickly and accurately answered all of our questions and we are so pleased with the way that our cabinet lighting turned out.

  23. Great product

    Posted by sean silveri on 15th Oct 2016

    Colorbright system works great. Dims perfectly and evenly, no flicker or buzzing sounds.

  24. You get what you pay for

    Posted by Anthony Chiu on 6th Oct 2016

    I completed a project using lots of LED strip lights. Wall and ceiling reveals, under cabinet in kitchen and bathroom, etc. I got some lower cost strip lights from amazon and ColorBright from Flexfire to compare and the difference is massive. ColorBright is much brighter and the light quality much better. Even thought both are rated 3500K the lower cost one has a greenish hue to it. Also a couple cells on the lower cost lights have failed after a couple months of use. No such issues with ColorBright. So you get what you pay for. The Flexfire is much higher quality but it does cost a bit more. For places where light quality is not a big concern and are easy to get to for replacement in the future the lower cost strip lights might suffice. However for mission critical installation I would recommend not to mess around and go with the best. In this case ColorBright is my choice.

Showing reviews 1-24 of 90 | Next

Specifications for this Hybrid LED light kit

Product Hybrid Bright White/Warm White LED Strip Light
Color Temperature 2900K for Warm White and 6500K for Bright White
Lumen (Brightness) 3450 Lumens per reel
Quantity per unit You will receive a continuous 16ft section of lights
UL Listed? Yes UL Listed, Must be used with class 2 power transformer
Working Voltage 12v DC
Dimmability Fully Dimmable
Beam Angle 120 Degrees
Rigid or Flexible?

-Flexible installation up to 90 degrees. Used on curved surfaces

Power consumption 2.92 watts per foot
UV emission No
LED Count per reel 600 LEDs

2 years

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