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ColorBright™ RGB Digital Pixel LED Strip Light

$149.00 - $849.00

RGB color changing pixel LED strip light

ColorBright™️ RGB Digital Pixel LED Strip Light


The ColorBright™️ RGB Digital Pixel LED Strip Light enables each segment of the LED strip to be controlled individually. This strip uses a top-of-the-line WS2811 IC LED chip so you will be able to control every 6 LEDs as a Pixel. The ability to control those 50 pixels individually gives way to beautiful, dynamic, breathtaking effects, which are perfect for commercial and entertainment environments.

Each of our ColorBright™️ RGB Digital Pixel LED Strip Lights comes with a special power and data connector at the beginning of the strip, specially designed to work with this strip and to properly connect it to its controller.  

Top Features and Benefits:

color changing digital LED strip with single color modeRGB digital LED strip light with 50 pixels per reelRGB digital LED strip light with 6 LEDs per pixelRGB color changing WS2811 protocol LED strip light

  • ✔ Millions of colors to create and choose from

  • ✔ 50 pixels (6 LEDs per Pixel)

  • ✔ Uses WS2811 IC

  • ✔ Maximum run length up to 32 ft (10 m)

  • ✔ Fully dimmable and color controllable

  •  Thermally resistant VHB 4930 adhesive

  • ✔ 7-year warranty

  • ✔ 50,000 hour lifespan (8 hours/day for 17 years)

  • ✔ Thick 3oz pure copper PCB for excellent thermal management

  •  UL Listed (cULus) E362522

Pair it with our Juno Mesh Digital Controller to Access Hundreds of Features

Pixel LED strip with 50 pixels per reelPixel LED strip Light with 6 leds per pixel

When paired with our Juno™ Mesh Digital LED Controller, you will be able to create chasing, flashing, strobing, or scrolling effects in over 670 patterns, while also being able to adjust the brightness, speed, and direction of the pixels. You have complete control over your Digital Pixel LED strip with our Juno Mesh remote, however the strip is also compatible with any digital controller compatible with the WS2811 IC LEDs.

bedroom lighting with addressable LED strip lights

Applications and Use:

These strips are installed in a wide variety of applications including: 

  •  Entertainment

  •  Hospitality

  •  Areas requiring dynamic lighting effects

  •  Shop display lighting

  •  Color controllable cove lighting

  •  Signage

  •  Bedroom lighting

  •  Backlighting

  •  Edge lighting

  •  Cabinets, shelves lighting

  •  Hotel lobbies

Why choose ColorBright™ RGB Digital Pixel LED Strip Lights?

specification grade LED strip light with 7 year warrantyRGB led strip cuttable every 4 inches3 oz copper PCB led strip lights

This strip enables you to create chasing effects while adjusting the brightness, speed, and direction of the lights, and you will also have the possibility to choose from countless solid colors. This LED strip light is made out of pixels, exactly 50 per reel, all of which have a microchip that allows you to control each pixel individually. You will be able to create different effects on different parts of the LED strip, all at once or in intervals.

This strip has a 3 oz PCB thickness for better heat dissipation, custom connectors, and a 10-meter maximum power run length. The ColorBright™ RGB Digital Pixel LED Strip can be easily controlled with a Juno™ Mesh Digital LED Controller or any other SPI controller compatible with the strip’s WS2811 IC.


Examples of what the RGB Digital Pixel can do to your space


RGB Digital Pixel LED Strip Light bedroom example


RGB Digital Pixel LED Strip Light Living Room


  • ✔ 3.65 Watts/ft

  • ✔ 7-year warranty

  • ✔ Maximum run length up to 32 ft (10 m)

  • ✔ 50,000-hour lifespan (8 hours/day for 17 years)

  • ✔ 3/8" (10 mm) strip width

  • ✔ Fully dimmable and color controllable

  • ✔ 120° Beam Angle

  • ✔ 24V DC Input

  • ✔ Short LED pitch of 7/16" (11 mm)

  • ✔ Cuttable every 4" (100 mm)

  •  SPI controlled

  •  50 pixels (6 LEDs per Pixel)

  •  Uses WS2811 IC

  •  Thermally Resistant 3M VHB 4930

  •  Thick double layer 3oz copper PCB

  •  Single BIN LED selection to ensure color consistency

  •  Highest quality premium packaged 5050 SMD LEDs

  •  Environmental Temperature -4°F - 113°F (-20°C - 45°C)

  •  Height: 1/16" (2 mm)

  •  UL Listed (cULus) E362522

Product SKU LEDs / Foot
Watts / Meter Lumens / Foot  Lumens / Meter
CB-DGTL-RGB 3.65 W/ft 12 W/ft 107 lm/m 350 lm/m

Special Instructions

  • Like all SPI LED strips, this strip is unidirectional, meaning that the data can only flow in one direction. There are arrows printed on the PCB indicating the correct direction, when using connectors or attaching power, only do so at the beginning of the strip.
  • When installing our RGB Digital Pixel LED Strip Lights, make all necessary connections before applying power to the LED strip. Do not cut the strips or make connections while power is applied. Not following these instructions will damage the strip’s circuitry.

Certified UL listed LED strip lightcertified-ce-led-strip-lightcertified-rohs-led-strip-light

LED Strip Light Kits 

Purchase a complete kit with all the components needed:

  • Plug and play kit with Juno Mesh Digital remote 

    color changing digital LED strip light plug and play kit

Aluminum Channels 

Compatible Aluminum Mounting Channels

Controllers and Home Automation 

Juno Mesh Digital Controller 


Solderless Grip Connectors

Power Supplies

Non Dimmable Drivers 

Flexfire LEDs® Plug-in Power Supply
Mean Well™ HLG and LPV Hardwired Power Supplies 

RGB Digital Pixel LED Strip Light FAQ

Q: What are Digital LED strips?

Digital LED strips (also known as “addressable” or “pixel” strips), are LED strips with a special type of chip that allows control over individual LEDs or groups of LEDs. This allows the creation of different effects on different parts of the LED strip all at once or in intervals.

Q: What is an IC?

IC stands for Integrated Circuit, and it refers to the built-in chips that allow for individual programming for color-changing effects that are unachievable with normal, analog LED strip lights. All Digital LED strips are differentiated by the tape of IC chip they contain, and they vary from brand to brand, so a controller with a specific IC will only work with other LED products that have the compatible IC chip.

Q: What additional precautions do I need to take while installing my Digital LED strips and controller?

  • Please refer to the Installation Guide for more Installation Recommendations.
  • Make ALL necessary connections before feeding power to your installation.
  • Turn off power to your installation BEFORE making any changes to your connections. This includes cutting the strip when power is applied. If you attempt to make or break connections while power is running through the strip there is a possibility that you could short out your strip’s IC causing the strip to no longer function.
  • Make sure to double check all connections before powering the strip. The colors on the wires of the controller will not always match the colors on the connector wires attached to the strip.

Q: Why am I getting the wrong colors?

It is possible that if, for example, you chose red, but the color on the LED strip light is green, the color sequence is wrong. Please refer to the Installation Guide and choose the correct color sequence for your Digital LED strips.

Q: What is the product warranty?

Because of our unyielding confidence in the quality of our product, we offer a 7-year warranty on our ColorBright™ RGB Digital Pixel LED LED Strip lights. For more info, please read our warranty policy.

Q: What is the lifespan of your strip lights?

Our lights have been rigorously tested and have an expected lifespan of 50,000 hours before dropping to 70% luminosity. This means that if you were to use your lights 12 hours a day, every day, the lights would be expected to last longer than 10 years. Even after that time has elapsed, the lights will maintain a brightness of 70%. Higher-output strips require a heat sink to reach the expected lifespan and beyond.

Q: What are lumens (lm)?

This is a quantifiable amount of light produced by an LED strip or other light-producing product, as seen by the human eye. In other words, this is one way we can measure how much light is produced. When comparing LED strip lights, you want to compare the lumen output as well as the CRI, watts/foot, warranty, and bin selection.

Q: Can I cut the strips myself?

Yes, our LED strip lights are made to be cut to your desired length. Using sharp scissors, you can cut this strip every 4". You’ll see the cut marks printed on the surface of the strip.

Q: What is the importance of UL Listed?

The Underwriters Laboratories (UL) are an independent, not-for-profit organization that focuses on evaluating products for safety certification. This means you can use and install these LEDs in commercial spaces, industrial applications and in your home knowing that these are safe products.

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