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6-amp DC Female Coaxial Connector 2.1mm With Screw Terminal for Wiring


6-Amp DC Coaxial LED Solderless Connector Adapter With Screw Terminals for Wiring

DC Female Connector Installation

Our lower amperage LED power supplies do not have terminals. They have a Male DC connector that is similar to a traditional laptop computer power supply.

DC coaxial connectors make it easy to connect and disconnect flexible LED strip lights from the power supply. This female 2.1mm 6-amp DC Coaxial Jack does not have wire attached.

They are the perfect size for the LED non-dimmable drivers sold on this site with the following SKUs:

  • 12V-DPS-2
  • 12V-DPS-4
  • 12V-DPS-6
  • 24V-DPS-2.5
  • 24V-DPS-4
  • 24V-DPS-5

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