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RGBW Extra Wire 5-Wires 16/5 - 16 AWG


RGBW Strip Light Extra Wire 5-Wires 16/5 - 16 AWG


This RGBW wire is sold by the foot for RGBW LED strip lights. There are 5 strands of 16 gauge wire and is sold by the foot. Please enter the quantity in total feet when ordering.

- 5-16 AWG wires
- Great for shorter gaps between RGBW strip lights.
- Red, Green, Blue, White and Black Color
- RGBW strip light wire is SOLD BY THE FOOT. Please enter the quantity in FEET when ordering
- RGBW strip lighting needs 5 conductor wire (RGB 4-conductor wire will not work with the RGBW strip lights). 

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