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Metal Touch Sensor ON/ OFF Switch



Turn almost any metal object into a light switch! By installing the Metal Touch Sensor Switch turn your lights on and off. 

This sensor can be attached to any metal surface to turn said surface into a touch on/off toggle switch. The possibilities are endless, use your creativity to create amazing on/off switches (lamps, hand rails, handles, etc.). Simply install the touch sensor in line and attach the cable's metal part to another metal object (such as a lamp or handrail) to complete installation. One touch to turn your lights on and one touch to turn them off.  

Voltage: 12V DC - 36V DC input 

Number of Channels: 1 Channel

Amperage Maximum: 8A

Wattage Maximum: 96W at 12V and 192W at 24V

Metal Touch Sensor FAQ:

Q: Does this sensor have a power save function?

Yes. If the power goes off unexpectedly and comes back on, then your lights will automatically revert back to the state that they were last in.


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