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UltraBright™ Architectural Series Lighting Kits

The voice of change: Our understanding of our market allows us to present solutions to common commercial issues and allow us to push the boundaries of the technology. Designed and developed in conjunction with our network of architects, we have taken into account the specific needs of our partners and created a series of lights that allow all forms of architectural design to be realized. 
The Architectural Series is a perfect balance of brilliance and funcion and is designed to be extremely bright and extremely versatile with a CRI of over 80. It is easy to see why this series is the product of choice for the architectural and design industry.  UL Listed E362522
Architectural LED Strip Lights

Select your kit by type:

Kits without Lutron Dimmer    Kits with Lutron Dimmer
3ft architectural kit 8ft architectural kit 3ft architectural kit 8ft architectural kit
16ft architectural kit 32ft architectural kit 16ft architectural kit 32ft architectural kit

The above kits that don't include a lutron dimmer come with a power supply that is not compatible with Lutron dimmers.

You may still dim and control your lights by adding a non-Lutron dimmer found in this category.

The above kits that include the Lutron Wall Dimmers are paired with a required Zurik™ power supply.

Zurik™ power supplies are compatible with the pre-selected wall dimmer. 


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