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KLUS MICRO-ALU Anodized Extrusion


KLUS MICRO-ALU Anodized Extrusion

KLUS Micro ALU aluminum channel being used inside a drawer


This LED strip light extrusion is designed for use in conjunction with flexible or rigid LED strips to achieve a seamless low profile look. Easily installed into wood, drywall, and other areas, the aluminum channel dissipates the heat from the LED strip, lengthening the LED chip life, and provides a stunning beautiful look.

The Micro channel is intended for use with LED strips that are 8mm to 10mm wide. The extrusion can be mounted to surfaces with the use of double sided adhesive tape or mounting brackets. The mounting bracket guarantees easy and secure mounting of the extrusion to a desired surface.

Covers are made of polycarbonate material and come in a clear, frosted, or matte finish. They are a great defense to all weather conditions and UV radiation.

End caps can be added for further protection of dust and other elements. Please note: LED strip solderless connectors are too large to fit inside this aluminum channel.

IMPORTANT NOTE: THIS CHANNEL DOES NOT PROVIDE ENOUGH HEAT DISSIPATION FOR THE FOLLOWING STRIPS: UltraBright Industrial and UltraBright High CRI (All voltages and color temperatures)   

End Caps 

Klus micro end cap with holes Klus micro end cap without holes
End cap with wire holes  End cap without wire holes 

Channel Covers 

Klus HS Clear Cover Klus HS Frosted Cover Klus Liger Matte Frosted Cover
Clear Cover 
Light transmission: >99%
Frosted Cover 
Light transmission: >80%
Frosted Matte Cover 
Light transmission: >70%

Mounting Brackets

Klus Mounting Bracket Zinc
Mounting Bracket

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LED Strip Compatibility Max. 4.4 watts/foot
Material Anodized aluminum
Cover Frosted, matte and clear
Standard Length 1 Meter (3.2 Feet)
Style Flat with flush lip
Mounting Mounting brackets, double sided mounting tape, mounting glue
Accessories Plastic end caps, accessories
IP20 (standard) with end caps and cover

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