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ColorBright™ RGBW Color Changing + White LED Strip Light

$11.00 - $129.00

RGBW Color changing and white LED strip lights

ColorBright™️ RGBW Color Changing + White LED Strip Light


The ColorBright™ Color Changing + White LED strip light is an ingenious product that has combined two powerful strips into one. This product has alternating RGB color changing LEDs and single color high brightness white LEDs. This product is for those who love to control every aspect of their lives, starting with their lights. These lights can create any color you can imagine, including a beautiful warm white. No longer will you have to sacrifice one product for the other, we have combined them both into one strip.


cove lighting using RGBW color changing + white LED strip lightRGB Color changing LED strip light effects 

Top Features and Benefits:

Short LED pitch LED strip lights with 18 LEDs per footlow energy consumption LED strip lightsRGB 300 Color Changing LED strip light max run lengthRGB Color changing LED strips in 12V and 24V

  • ✔ LEDs per foot: RGB 9; White :9

  • ✔ 15-year Warranty

  • ✔ 50,000 Hour Lifespan (8 hours a day for 17 years)

  • ✔ 12V or 24V input available

  • ✔ Fully dimmable and color controllable

  •  18 LEDs/Foot(60/Meter)

  •  Short LED pitch of 3/4"(17 mm)

  • ✔ Single BIN LED selection to ensure color consistency

  •  Highest quality components packaged 5050 SMD LEDs

  •  UL Listed (cULus) E362522

  • ✔ Pair these strips with a controller and access hundreds of effects (flashing, strobing, fading, dynamic modes)

Applications and Use:

These strips are installed in a wide variety of applications including: 

  •  Color controllable cove lighting

  •  Signage

  •  Backlighting

  •  Edge lighting

  •  Cabinets, shelves lighting

  •  Accent lighting locations

  •  Under cars and motorcycles

  •  Store display lighting

  •  Under cabinet lighting

  •  Above cabinet lighting

  •  Hotel lobbies

Available Colors:

In addition to the RGB chips on the reel, you are able to select which color you want as an option for color blending or to use when the strip is only illuminating the white LEDs. Half of the LED chips can be chosen from the following options

RGB color changing and white LED Strip light warm white color temperaturesRGBW color changing and white LED strips cool white color temperature


Why choose ColorBright™ RGBW LED Strip Light:

specification grade LED strip light with 15 year warrantyhigh brightness RGB Color Changing LED Strip lightsRGBW color changing LED strip light cut segements2 oz copper PCB led strip lights

Pair it with an RGB Controller:




Examples of what the RGBW Series can do for your space


dining room mood lighting with RGBW LED strips

 Dining Room Lighting


bedroom cove and backlighting using RGBW led strip lights

 Ceiling and Back Lighting


kitchen lighting with RGB LED strip lights

 Toekick and Under Cabinet Lighting


kitchen lighting using RGBW color changing and white LED strip lights

 Kitchen Lighting



  • ✔ 4.4 Watts/ft

  • ✔ 15-year warranty

  • ✔ 50,000-hour lifespan (8 hours/day for 17 years)

  • ✔ Width: 1/2" (12 mm) strip

  •  Height: 1/16" (2 mm)

  •  Can be cut every 4" for 12V and 6 1/2" for 24V

  •  Max length in series 16' 5" for 12V and 32' 10" for 24V

  • ✔ Fully dimmable and color controllable

  • ✔ 120° Beam Angle

  • ✔ 12V or 24V DC Input

  • ✔ White LEDs have a high CRI of 80+

  •  18 LEDs/Foot (60/Meter)

  • ✔ Short LED pitch of 3/4" (17 m)

  •  Thermally Resistant 3M VHB 4930

  •  Thick double layer 2oz copper PCB

  •  Single BIN LED selection to ensure color consistency

  •  Highest quality premium packaged 5050 SMD LEDs

  •  Environmental Temperature -4°F - 104°F (-20°C - 40°C)

  •  UL Listed (cULus) E362522

Product SKU Color
Watts / Foot
Lumens / Foot
(White only)
(White Only)
Gamut Score
(White Only)
Fidelity Score
(White Only)
CB-RGB24K 2400K 4.4 W/ft
(14.4 W/m)
153 lm/ft
(500 lm/m)
CB-RGB27K 2700K 4.4 W/ft
(14.4 W/m)
159 lm/ft
(520 lm/m)
CB-RGB30K 3000K 4.4 W/ft
(14.4 W/m)
168 lm/ft
(550 lm/m)
83 91.4 82.9
CB-RGB42K 4200K 4.4 W/ft
(14.4 W/m)
183 lm/ft
(600 lm/m)
82 96.9 80.6
CB-RGB62K 6200K 4.4 W/ft
(14.4 W/m)
189 lm/ft
(620 lm/m)
83 94.3 79.5

Certified UL listed LED strip lightcertified-ce-led-strip-lightcertified-rohs-led-strip-light

LED Strip Light Kits 

Purchase a complete kit with all the components needed:

  • Plug and play kit with handheld remote or smartphone integration

    RGBW plug and play LED strip light kit

Aluminum Channels 

Compatible Aluminum Mounting Channels

Controllers and Home Automation 

Compatible RGB Controllers 


Solderless Grip Connectors

Extra Wire 

RGBW 5-Strand Wire

Power Supplies

Non Dimmable Drivers 

Flexfire LEDs® Plug-in Power Supply
Mean Well™ HLG and LPV Hardwired Power Supplies 

ColorBright™ RGBW Color Changing LED strip light FAQ


Q: What is the product warranty?

We’re so happy with the quality of our product, we offer a 15-year warranty on most of our LED strips to all of our clients. The warranty on power supplies ranges from 2 to 7 years which is model dependent.

Q: What is the lifespan of your strip lights?

Our lights have been rigorously tested and have an expected lifespan of 50,000 hours before dropping to 70% luminosity. This means that if you were to use your lights 12 hours a day, every day, the lights would be expected to last longer than 10 years. Even after that time has elapsed, the lights will maintain a brightness of 70%. Higher-output strips require a heat sink to reach the expected lifespan and beyond.

Q: What is color temperature?

The color of light can be quantified by referring to its color temperature. White light is measured in Kelvins (K). Most white lights fall in a spectrum between 1800K and 6200K. When dropping below 3000K, the light is noticeably warmer or "softer". On the other end of the spectrum, the lights have a blue-ish tint and cooler tone when passing 6500K.


Q: What are lumens (lm)?

This is a quantifiable amount of light produced by an LED strip or other light-producing product. This is one way we can measure light output.

Q: How do I install RGBW color changing LED strip lights ?

RGBW strip lights need to use a RGBW controller for them to work. Once you have selected the length of lights you want, you will have to select a power supply by calculating the wattage the length of strip will be using. When selecting a remote, make sure that you are not going beyond the wattage maximum for that particular controller. For longer run lengths, you are going to want to use an amplifier, or another controller. The strips have 5 wires that need to go into their appropriate places within the RGBW controller. May attention to the indicator markings on the strip. Learn the basics of installing RGB LED strip lighting under counters, connecting them to the controller, mounting and controlling them, here. Consult our design team for extra assistance.

Q: What is the maximum run length of RGBW strip lights?

This is entirely dependent on the strip’s voltage. For 12V systems then you can run the lights up to 16’ 5” (1 reel). For 24V systems, the run length doubles to 32’ 10” (2 reels). Please contact our design team for help with larger projects.

Q :What is the importance of UL Listed lighting?

UL is an acronym for the Underwriters Laboratories. They are an independent product safety certification organization. A good summary used by UL is, "a not-for-profit organization dedicated to public safety." This means you can install these LEDs in commercial spaces, industrial applications, and in your home with peace of mind.

Q: Which Power Supply do I need for my (x) feet of LEDs?

The length of LED strip lights of your project will determine the size of the power supply you need. View our power supply chart to find the exact LED power supply you need.
- If you order a 12V LED strip, you will need a 12V power supply and If you order a 24V LED strip, you will need a 24V power supply 

Desktop style plug-in power supplies

Hardwired LED power supplies

Q: What is a 5050 SMD LED chip?

5050 SMD (Surface Mounted Diode) represents the size of the LED chips on the strip. A 5050 SMD chip measures at 5.0mm x 5.0mm. Click here for more information on LED chip sizes.

Q: Can RGB chips be controlled independently?

You need to use individually-addressable LED chips which are normally found on digital strips. If you are looking for that kind of strip the RGB Digital Pixel LED Strip is what you need

Q: Can I hard wire RGBW strips into a wall dimmer?

The RGBW strips are not compatible with conventional wall dimmers that are designed to be hard wired. Please contact the design team for design solutions.

Q: Is there an outdoor option?

Yes, we do carry a water resistant Outdoor ColorBright™ RGBW LED strip light.

More Information on LED Strip Lights:

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