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Choosing the correct LED flex strip

Uses for LED flexible strip lights

There are hundreds of uses for LED strip lights. Contractors, home owners, architects, bar and restaurant owners, and small vendors are using LED strip lights in a variety of ways. So which LED strip light do you need? Answering these basic questions will show you which LED flex strip light will be good for you.

1. What is your intended use for the LED strip light?

 Ex. Residential kitchen lighting under cabinet, commercial lighting for employees, saftey lighting, accent lighting, restaurant bar top lighting, tasklighting, etc...

Using the LED strip to light up your new project is simple and fun. You first need to decide what you want to do with the lighting before you choose which type you need.

We offer many different variations of color and light intensity for our LED strip lighting. Please view the pictures of what the differences are between bright white vs warm white LED strips to see which color is best for your peoject.

Our NEW 2012  UltraBright™ series is the brightest LED flexible strip lights on the market! These are perfect for task lighting, bar lighting, signage, and about anywhere you need very bright lighting.

Our ColorBright™ series offers many different colors in a less intense light output. Still bright, these lights are used from day to day under cabinet and kitchen lighting, to gameroom and color accenting.

 To get product ideas you can use ‘s LED Showroom and Lighting Ideas tab located at the top of the home page.

 2. Do I need the LED or flex strip to be water proof?

If so, we offer water proof products as a solution. Depending on the level of waterproofing needed for your LED strip lights, you may want to simply install a simple plastic cover Please see our section on waterproofing and IP ratings for more information about how water resistant our led flex strips are. Waterproof LED strip lights here.

3. Am I trying to light a large space or use the flex strip as accent lighting?

We Sell both 5050 SMD LED strip lights and 3528 SMD LED strip lights as well as RGB LED flexible strip lights.

What is the difference?

-5050 SMD LEDs (has 3 LED chips in one) are super bright and are used when you need high illumination for your project area.
-3528 SMD LEDs (one LED per lighting source) is bright but not as bright as the 5050. these lights are great for LCD TV backlighting, color splashing walls, accent lighting for plants, pictures, under tables, bars, etc.

See our section on 5050 Vs 3528 for more information

Our UltraBright™ series strip light is bright enough to replace fluorescent lighting while the ColorBright™ series is great for accent lighting, under cabinet lighting, and general lighting.

You can also email us at with any questions about your particular project.


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