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Multi-Zone Receiver (No Remote)

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Product Description

Multi-Zone Receiver
- Compatible with Single Color and Dynamic Multi-zone Remotes -

This multi-zone receiver is compatible with Single Color and Dynamic Tunable White strip lights and uses the most advanced RF wireless transmission technology. The system consists of two parts: the handheld remote control and the in-line receiver.

Featuring 2000 Hz PWM frequency for flicker free dimming, 98ft of uninterrupted signal range, and a 1-button sync that allows you to sync and control unlimited receivers simultaneously or split into 8 separate zones. The unit comes with cover plates for the screw input and output terminals, so connections will be protected and installation will be a breeze. 

This receiver is compatible with either the Single Color or Dynamic Multi-zone remote controls and Flexfire LEDs Single Color strip lights - including the ColorBright™ Single Color and the UltraBright™ White Series strips - or any of our Dynamic Tunable White strip lights. 


  • Create specific zones that can be controlled with one remote control
  • 1-button sync
  • 2.4GHZ RF wireless transmission technology. No line of sight needed to operate the receivers.
  • Long signal range of 98ft (30m).
  • Advanced RF and wireless sync/zone control technology, the receivers will not interfere with each other.
  • 2000 Hz PWM frequency is fast enough for flicker free videography


  • Residential lighting
  • Commercial lighting
  • Multi-zone control lighting 


Multi-Zone Receiver Compatible Products


  • Multi-Zone Receiver (add unlimited additional compatible receivers for a single of multi-zone setup)

Remote Controls:

LED Strip Lights:


Signal Amplifiers:

Extra Wire:


Multi-Zone Receiver Specifications

Receiver Details:

  • Input Voltage: 12V-24V DC 
  • Max Current Load: 6A x 2CH 
  • Max Output Power: 12V: 144W; 24v: 288W 
  • Working Temp: -22°F ~ 131°F (-30°C ~ 55°C)
  • Dimensions: H: 6 15/16” (176mm) W: 1 3/4” (45mm) D: 1 3/16” (30mm) 
  • Weight: 5.3oz (150g) 
  • Warranty: 5 years


Multi-Zone Receiver Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sync the receiver to my remote? 
Syncing receivers to a remote can be quite simple, please refer to the Sync Instructions section in the Specifications Sheet for information on how to sync single or multiple receivers with your remote control.

How many receivers can I sync to 1 remote?
One remote can sync with up to 8 separate zones or have unlimited receivers per zone on one remote and achieve brightness control simultaneously.

Can I use this receiver outdoors?
These products are not outdoor rated but can be used in outdoor projects. Simply make sure the receiver is installed in a weatherproof junction box and the remote is not exposed to moisture or direct sunlight.

Can I sync multiple remotes to a receiver?
No, the idea of having a multi-zone system is to control all lights with one remote. In the case of having 2 distinct and separate areas, it is preferable to have one remote and receiver(s) for one area and a separate setup of one remote and receiver(s) for the second area.

The receiver isn't syncing with the remote, what do I need to do?
Usually this issue can be fixed by resetting the receiver. Simply press and hold the black Learning Key for about 10 seconds until it beeps twice and the receiver will be reset, then try to sync the remote again. 

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Multi-Zone Receiver Downloads

Single Color multi-zone remote and receiver - User guide

Dynamic Tunable White Multi-zone Combo - User Guide

Product Reviews

Specifications for this Hybrid LED light kit

Product Hybrid Bright White/Warm White LED Strip Light
Color Temperature 2900K for Warm White and 6500K for Bright White
Lumen (Brightness) 3450 Lumens per reel
Quantity per unit You will receive a continuous 16ft section of lights
UL Listed? Yes UL Listed, Must be used with class 2 power transformer
Working Voltage 12v DC
Dimmability Fully Dimmable
Beam Angle 120 Degrees
Rigid or Flexible?

-Flexible installation up to 90 degrees. Used on curved surfaces

Power consumption 2.92 watts per foot
UV emission No
LED Count per reel 600 LEDs

2 years

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