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LED Display Lighting At Tanner Goods

Flexfire LEDs is proud to have been part of many successful LED display lighting projects. In a recent installation, our ColorBright LED strip lights were installed at a Tanner Goods retail store in Los Angeles, CA.

Tanner Goods is a well-known producer of high quality leather goods and accessories that are crafted by hand in Portland, OR, using premium domestic materials. The management team at Tanner Goods found Flexfire LEDs when searching for a tasteful way to illuminate their products, which previously had been cast under shadow. They chose LED strip lights because of their low profile and relatively straightforward installation procedure.

Attractive display lighting has been shown to play a critical role in bringing customers into a store and encouraging them to make a purchase. A study published by the International Journal of Engineering Science and Innovative Technology showed that 85% of customers sampled felt that attractive colors and lighting increased the likelihood that they would want to spend more time in a store. Respondents said that effective lighting in particular helped them to “select the right products, reduce the time wasted and to feel relaxed” during their shopping experience.

Tanner Goods' choice of warm white LED lighting brings out the rich orange, red and brown hues found in their leather product selection. Such high quality light also creates a more inviting atmosphere for customers entering the store, allowing them to relax and take their time while browsing or looking for a particular product. "Using LEDs to illuminate our shelving allowed us to highlight our products in an effective and subtle way," said Tanner Goods store manager Alex Toyoshima. "The Flexfire LEDs team has also provided great customer service and was quick to help whenever we were in need."

Here are a few photos from the installation:

led display lighting at tanner goods photo 1

  led display lighting at tanner goods photo 2

  led display lighting at tanner goods photo 3  

led display lighting at tanner goods photo 4

We truly enjoy the opportunity to provide clients with the LED solutions they need. It's really a great pleasure for us to see our strip lights installed in the countless innovative and sustainable projects that are developed with our lights every single day. Your vision is what inspires us to do what we do!

Do you need any help deciding which LED strip lights are right for your commercial, industrial, or home renovation project? Give us a call at 1-844-FLEXFIRE (1-844-353-9347) or shoot us an email to and we'd love to get involved!

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