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LED Strip Light examples:

Accent lighting and cove lighting ideas and examples

LED strip lights were initially designed for accent and cove lighting, and enhance your project’s architectural beauty. Installation is easy, and the possibilities are endless! Cove lighting is easily done.
Learn how to install LED cove lighting here. 

Accent lighting turns a useless or undesired area into a work of art, source task lighting, or a new usable area.

Here are some examples of our super bright LED strip lights in use. Keep in mind that only Flexfire LEDs offers the Ultra Bright Series; The brightest LED strips in the world.

LED Project Design Team

Although installing LED strip lighting is simple, sometimes it may be difficult to know exactly what is needed for your exact application. This is why we have a specialized design team here to assist you in choosing the correct products for your install.

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led strip light example movie theater LED strip light example hotel room

ColorBright™ Red LED strip light

Accent Series™ White LED strip light

LED strip light example arcitecture accent and cove led strip light example

Architectural Series LED strip light

Accent Series™ White LED strip light

LED strip light example comference room Ultra bright led strip light accent example
ColorBright™ Blue LED strip light
Architectural Series LED strip light
accent lighting with LED strip light Under counter accent
Architectural Series LED strip light Architectural Series LED strip light
Accent lighting in kitchen using Flexfire LEDs

Architectural Series LED strip light

ColorBright™ LED Strip lighting

Choosing the correct LED strip light for your cove or accent lighting project:

  1. First, determine if your LED strip lights will be exposed to elements like water or sand. If you are installing these in high splash areas (such as a kitchen sink or bathroom), you will need our IP65 Water resistant LED strips.
  2. Next, determine the level of brightness needed.

a) For accent lighting, Choose strip lights that emit between 100 - 350 lumens/foot. These come in multiple colors as well as color changing RGB.

b) For areas that need high brightness lighting, Use LED strips that emit 400-1000 lumens/foot.

  1. Figure out how many reels of strip lights you will need. Each reel contains 16 ft 5in (5 meters) of LED strip lights.
  2. Using our solderless connectors, you can cut and connect the LED strips wherever you’d like.

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