15-Year LED Strip Light Warranty - Longest Industry Warranty

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Flexfire LEDs Announces an Industry Topping 15-Year Warranty

13 SEPT 2019

Press Release: Premium LED strip light Manufacturer Extends Warranty on most popular products

Costa Mesa, CA--- Flexfire LEDs, a California based lighting technology company, designs and manufactures some of the world’s highest quality linear LED strip lights for commercial, industrial, and residential uses. Today, they announce the start of the lighting industry’s most progressive warranty period on their most popular strip lighting products.  

Flexfire LEDs will be offering the 15-year warranty on their most popular LED strips including their UltraBright™ Architectural Series, Design Series, Accent Series, and Outline Series as well as the ColorBright™ Whites Series, Vivid Color Series, Color Changing RGB, and RGBW Series.  At the moment, a 15-year warranty is the longest warranty for LED strip lights offered in the industry.

CEO Brent Mauriello explains this change, “We are already very well-known in our industry for our superior quality and award-winning customer service. We take a one-step-further approach to everything we do, and today we uphold that by tripling our warranty periods to 15 years for our most specified products. We’ve engineered them to last and now we officially extend that promise into our warranty policy”.

Warranties for their other LED strip lighting products not mentioned above will also see a warranty increase from 5 years to 7 years.

Flexfire LEDs’ progressive 15-year warranty will give their quality-driven clients the confidence that their LED strip lights are built to last and add reassurance they need to invest in their LED systems. The company also boasts an award-winning knowledgeable team of project developers and account managers to suit any type of customer and project. While the company has worked with well-known clients such as the National Art Gallery, Smithsonian Institute, Walt Disney Imagineering, Apple, Ford, Google, Marriott, and thousands more, they welcome projects of any size on or off-planet.

Product Limited Warranty Time Periods:


  • (15) Years - UltraBright™ Architectural Series
  • (15) Years - UltraBright™ Architectural Dynamic Tunable White Series
  • (15) Years - UltraBright™ Design Series
  • (15) Years - ColorBright™ Dynamic Tunable White Series
  • (15) Years - ColorBright™ UV Series 
  • (15) Years - ColorBright™ Vivid Color Series
  • (15) Years - ColorBright™ Whites Series
  • (15) Years - ColorBright™ Color Changing RGB 150 
  • (15) Years - ColorBright™ Color Changing RGB 300 
  • (15) Years - ColorBright™ Color Changing RGB+W
  • (7) Years - UltraBright™ Industrial Series
  • (7) Years - UltraBright™ Slim Series
  • (7) Years - UltraBright™ High CRI Series 


  • (2) Years - Flexfire LEDs Desktop Style Power Supplies
  • (5) Years - Zurik™ MLV Dimmable Drivers 
  • (3) Years - Zurik™ EMLV Dimmable Drivers 
  • (7) Years - Zurik™ EMLV2 Dimmable Drivers - New Updated Version
  • (2) Years - Mean Well LPV Drivers 
  • (7) Years - Mean Well HLG Drivers  


  • (1) Year - Lutron Dimmers 
  • (5) Years - Juno™ Amplifiers
  • (5) Years - Juno™ Bluetooth Dimmers and Controllers
  • (5) Years - Mult-Zone Control Systems
  • (3) Years - Sensors


  • (2) Years on anything else not specifically listed on this page 

Here is a comprehensive list of Flexfire LEDs’ product warranties.

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