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ROI Calculator

LED Energy Calculator LED ROI

LED calculator for energy savings

By using the LED energy calculator, you can easily find out how much money and energy you can save by using LED lights such as the Zurik LED flood lights.The LED ROI is based on a few factors such as energy usage, labor costs, Equivalent toment costs, and hours used. You can use the LED energy calculator to figure out the LED ROI very easily. You can start using the LED calculator when you know what you want to replace and what is the equivilant LED light.

20W LED Flood light – Equivalent to 80W Traditional Lighting
40W LED Flood light – Equivalent to 150W Traditional Lighting
50W LED Flood light – Equivalent to 200W Traditional Lighting
60W LED Floodlight –  Equivalent to 240W Traditional Lighting
80W LED Floodlight – Equivalent to 320W Traditional Lighting
100W LED Floodlight – Equivalent to 400W Traditional Lighting
160W LED Floodlight – Equivalent to 640W Traditional Lighting
180W LED Floodlight – Equivalent to 720W Traditional Lighting

LED ROI Calculator: LED vs Standard Light Fixture

Your Energy Costs

Cost of Energy per KWH?
# of fixtures you have?
Hours per day lights are on?
Days a month lights are on?
Current wattage
LED wattage

Energy Costs of LED vs Standard

2 Year
10 Year
Cost of LED Light
Standard Fixture Cost
Energy Savings!

Your Maintenance Costs

Cost of standard bulb
Labor to replace bulb
Typical hours of life for standard bulb
Est. Years maintenance cost of standard lighting
Initial LED fixture cost

Service Costs of LED vs Standard

2 Year
Year 5
10 Year
Flexfire LEDs
Standard Bulb Maintenance
Service Savings

Overall Return on Investment: 2.8 years

40131 KWH Saved per year.

That's like taking 6 cars off the road a year!
Or similar to planting 6 acres of trees!
You would be removing 6lbs of CO2 emmissions!