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LED Strip Light Product Comparisons

How to choose the right LED strip light for your project

How to choose the right LED strip

We believe that in order to make the right decisions while designing your project with LEDs, quick and accessible information is crucial.

There are a lot of confusing aspects of the LED industry in general. The LED market is full of suppliers that do little to verify their claims of LED longevity, brightness (lumen output), and quality.

Below you will find PDF sheets that compare LED strip lights carried by Flexfire LEDs across the ColorBright and UltraBright lines.

1. Click and download our comparisons between our different LED strips:

LED Strip Light Comparison Sheet

2. 90% of our customers found this page very useful in their decision making process for choosing Flexfire LEDs.

"Top four things to consider when purchasing LED strip lights"

3. Questions to ask yourself:

1. What color do you need?

2. What brightness is required?

3. Do I wish to have these on a dimmer?

4. Does your project require outdoor weather proofing?

5. How long do I want to run the strips? Will I have Voltage Drop?

6. Do you need UL Listed LED strip lights?

4. Important Notes:

1. Lumen is the brightness of the LEDs that is visible to the human eye.

2. Compare Lumen to Lumen when looking at other strips. Be very careful of any company selling strips without this important measurement. Ask for test reports if you are unsure.

3. Is it often wiser to choose an LED strip light that is brighter than you need. There are many dimming options available that enable you to have access to an extreme amount of light when you need it, or dim it down to a comfortable level. This will also extend the life of the LED strip light.

4. Consult a Design Specialist here at Flexfire LEDs to make sure you have the right product for your application!

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