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led under counter lighting with strips


Under Counter LED Lighting:

Versatile LED strip lights can be hidden away under a counter to add beautiful indirect light to any space. It’s an attractive, energy efficient way to improve the overall appeal of your home, office, or retail space.

At home, illuminate your kitchen or dining area with under counter LED strip lighting to create a warm, inviting atmosphere that draws family and friends to the heart of your home. This attractive upgrade is also extremely safe, as strip lights stay cool to the touch and contain no breakable glass or dangerous chemicals.

Offices and retail spaces can also benefit from installing indirect LED lighting under counters. Bars and restaurants, for instance, are always searching for inexpensive ways to upgrade their visual appeal for customers and employees alike. Flexfire’s UL listed UltraBright™ and ColorBright™ series LED strip lights come in a variety of colors and light temperatures to suit any space, as well as offering a significant reduction in energy and replacement costs. LED lights last up to 25 times longer and are 75% more energy efficient than traditional incandescent lighting.

What you need:

Are you interested in installing under counter LED lighting? Here is what you will need to complete your project:

Want to use a hardwired Lutron/Leviton Dimmer?

    1. LED Strip Lights - Brighter the better! We recommend 24v Ultra Bright.
    2. Magnetic Dimmable Power supply 
    3. Solderless Connectors
    4. Compatible Lutron/Leviton Wall Dimmer

Want to use an in-line dimmer or no dimmer?

    1. LED Strip Lights - Choose a brightness that suit your needs
    2. Non-Dimmable power supply
    3. Connectors
    4. LED In-Line dimmers

We're here to help

Installing LED strip lights under counters is simple and fun. We are here to help via phone, email, and live chat! 
Speak to one of our design specialists to help you decide which LED strip light is best for your application. 

 Below are our recommended under counter LED strip lights
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