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New 2012 Ultra Bright flexible LED strip lights

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Flexfire LEDs rapidly gains market share by introducing the brightest LED strip light on the market.

Mountain House, CA:
We all know that the lighting market is rapidly switching to LEDs. So far, the only disadvantages to LEDs have been their upfront price and the lack of brightness for certain applications. A new product line by Flexfire LEDs—the High Intensity Ultra Bright LED Flex Strip—demonstrates that brightness is no longer a problem. This is just one of the ways Flexfire LEDs has evolved the way we think of lighting.

Ryan Ziegler, Owner of Flexfire LEDs, explains his company’s success: “From the beginning our model has been simple; show people how to use LEDs while providing them with the best products available at a price they can afford.” Tens of thousands of visitors rush to the informative videos created by Flexfire LEDs, such as those on how to install LEDs, how use solderless connectors, and how to install dimmers to LEDs light strips. Unlike most companies just trying to sell products, most of the Flexfire LEDs website is dedicated to showing the public how to set up led lights and how to use LEDs, providing crucial “how-to” information, and explaining the money-saving benefits of LEDs. As Ryan has noticed, “as soon as you show someone the benefits of LEDs and how to use them, curious onlookers turn into customers.”

The recently released High Intensity Ultra Bright LED Flex Strip has created an strong demand from many homeowners, commercial businesses, and contractors. Selling out of their first batch before it hit their warehouse, the Ultra Bright Series LED strip lights are becoming the most popular solutions for applications that require bright- lighting. The High Intensity Ultra Bright LED Strip light creates a magnificent 101 lumens per watt, making it the most efficient LED strip lights on the market. The 5 meter reels (16.4 feet) output a total of 8,510 lumens while using only 84 watts. Contractors and commercial property owners are switching out their fluorescent bulbs for the new LED strip light, as a small 1.2 meter strip can create more light and last much longer. The High Intensity Ultra Bright LED Strip lights have a 30,000 hour lifespan. Compare that to the 6000 hour lifespan of most fluorescent bulbs and LEDs are a no brainer. Plus, with LEDs you don’t have to listen to that annoying hum!

, compared to the meager lifespan of fluorescent lights. LED strip lights are  a specialty for Flexfire LEDs and once you know how to set up LEDs, the possibilities are endless for the applications.

I traveled to California, home of, and spoke to the owner about the rising popularity of his business.  I asked him a few questions:

Q. How easy is it set up LED’s for a beginner?
A. I would say once you learn the basics on how to use LEDs the rest is easy. Many people inquired how to set up LEDs in specific applications but the truth is a very basic understanding of what LEDs are helps a lot. We set up a large section on our website with instructions on how to set up LEDs for this purpose.

Q. Do you have any recommendations on how to use LEDs?
A. Follow the instructions on how to use LEDs on the website (laughs). Make sure you look at the positive and negative terminals of the LED strip lights before connecting the power and follow the instructions that come other the products. If you are installing the Ultra Bright series lights, make sure your power supply is large enough for the project you are doing.

Q. What makes your business, different then your competitors?
A. Quality, price, and service. We have looked at many companies here in the US that are selling LED products and we have noticed a lot sell inferior products at outrageously high prices. Our company is founded around the concept of service. We are not here to gouge anyone. We respond to every inquiry as if it were our family inquiring, we truly care about our clients.

For additional information contact:
Contact Person - Ryan Ziegler
Company Name - Flexfire LEDs
Telephone Number - 925- 273-9080
Email Address

Flexfire LEDs - Founded in early 2011, this once small company has skyrocketed to be a major distributor of  LED lighting  products for commercial and residential applications. Their assembly and distribution center is located forty five miles east of San Francisco in Mountain House, California. They have designed their website, and their company, around the central idea of making the switch to LED lighting easy, simple, and fun. Those thinking about customizing their office, bar, workroom, or house with this cutting edge technology can visit



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