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LED Power Switch - Leviton 1469-W


Leviton LED Power Switch

On/Off LED Power switch in wall

Leviton 1469-W white plug-in switch.

This LED power switch is great for applications where you want to be able to control your LED strip lights through the wall outlet. Simply place this LED power switch into the wall and plug the LED power supply into it. Simple as that. Instead of unplugging your LED power supply from the wall every time you wanted to turn the lights off, you can now use this easy to use one step install LED Power Switch.

  • At-the-wall convenience for dozens of uses
  • Residential Grade
  • Non-Grounding
  • 13 amps
  • 125v (not to use with 220v)
  • Ideal for controlling the power for LED flexible light strip
  • For indoor use only.
  • Provides an on/off switch between the wall and your LED strip light power supply.
  • For use with 2-prong tools and equipment without built in switches. Do not use with 3-prong grounding cords.

Leviton Electrical Accessories for the home include taps and adapters, night lights and battery operated lighting. Every electrical accessory is subject to Leviton’s strict in-house quality control and must meet or exceed applicable industry standards. 13 Amp, 125 Volt, Plug-In Switch Tap, Non-Grounding, White. 

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