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12V Battery Pack for LED strip lights - 2400mAh


12V Battery Pack 2400mAh (Batteries not included)


This battery pack can be used to power your 12V LED strip lights in portable scenarios of in areas where there is no access to AC power to plug in a power supply. The 12V LED strip light battery pack does not come with batteries. We recommend higher amperage rechargeable batteries to ensure that your lights stay on for as long as possible. The MAX recommended output current is 3A.

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Technical Details and Specifications: 

Product      12v 2.4 Amp LED strip light power supply
Max. Current:       Depends on amp rating of batteries ~ 2.4 - 3 Amps
Input Voltage:       (8) 1.5V AA Batteries (Rechargeable Recommended)
Output Voltage:      12V DC
Max. Power:       ~28 Watt output / 3A MAX Current Out
Dimensions:      L 4.9" x W 2.8" x H 0.75"
Plug Type:       2.1 x 5.5mm DC Male Plug


How many feet of LED strips can I power with this LED strip light battery pack and for how long?

This battery pack uses (8) 1.5V AA Batteries. Using the 8 batteries creates 12V. Selecting higher output batteries will increase time the lights will work while attached. Rechargeable AA batteries will save a lot of money in the long term.

Example: 3 feet of Colorbright Vivid Red LED strip lights for a costume.  

3 feet of LED strip lights will be 9 watts of electricity. 12V and 9 watts means it needs 0.75 amps to power the 3ft. The average heavy duty alkaline battery (Duracell, Energizer, etc) will provide about 2400 mAh to about 3000mAh (milliamp hours). 2400 mAh = 2.4 amp hours. Which means for 1 hour, it can power about 2.4 amps at 12V which is 28.8W. Or for 2 hours, it can power about 1.2 Amps or 14.4W. For the 3 foot example, we can run the lights at full brightness for roughly 3.2 hours off this battery pack. After the 3.2 hours the lights will become increasingly dimmed.  

The lights will run until the batteries are depleted. At that time you can recharge the batteries with the battery charger that comes with the rechargeable batteries. We have tested 7 feet of ColorBright Single Color.

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