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What can I do with LED Flexible light strips?

How can I use LED strip lighting? What can I do with LED Flexible light strips?

flexfire LEDs lighting strips

There are thousands of uses for LED flexible light strips. Because of the newness of the technology there are still thousands of undiscovered ways to use LED flex strip lighting. Our LEDs are dimmable and you can change them to any color with our LED RGB Flex strips and color changing remotes.

The versatility and flexibility of these lights, coupled with the ability to cut them to the desired size, leaves hobbyists, electricians, homeowners, and you to create the new ways to use them. 

LED strip lights can be used for many applications such as:

  • Accent lighting
  • signage
  • under cabinet lighting
  • cove lighting
  • bar top lighting
  • club lights
  • TV backlighting
  • under counter lighting
  • task lighting
  • cabinet lighting
  • display case lighting
  • under body car lighting
  • motorcycle lighting
  • and more!

For lighting design ideas and solutions that flexfireleds.com has put together go to LED Showroom and Lighting LED Showroom and Ideas. There you will be able to find images and ideas from not only our projects but also other customers that want to show off what they have done.

If you have used our products and want to show it off on our website, please send us pictures! If we feature your product on our website, we will give you a $30 store credit! Email your ideas to: info@FlexfireLEDs.com